Open Studios: Work-in-Progress Show 2023 

Colourful posters related to public transport, with people walking through the exhibition, adorn the white wall of the studio space.
Students wearing VR headsets in the exhibition.

The annual RCA Work-in-Progress 2023, MA Visual Communication exhibition was a collaborative project that aimed to showcase the ongoing research and works in progress of the studios, providing an immersive open studio experience. The primary objective of the exhibition was to capture the spirit of the RCA MA Visual Communication cohort by actively involving students in workshops and fostering inclusivity and participation throughout the design process.

Four distinct curation themes, World-Detour, Breather-Text, Immortal-Materiality, and Auto-Fragility, were integrated into the exhibition to offer diverse perspectives. The focus was on developing a responsive vocabulary that encourages critical reflection and remains relevant to contemporary issues. This involved reconfiguring existing language and terminology through collective workshops, resulting in new formulas and systems.

The (MA) Visual Communication Work-in-Progress identity across the online spaces on the RCA 2023 Platform, introducing the programme and its pathways: Illustration, Graphic Design, and Experimental Communication. 

︎︎︎ Open Studios: Work-in-Progress Show 2023