Central Saint Martins Museum: Interwoven

Interwoven: 'Neurodiversity and the Creative Mind' is an exhibition that artfully merges the intricate facets of neurodiversity with the craftsmanship of artistry. The community is encouraged to explore the deep-rooted links between neurodiverse individuals and their innovative creative methods through a series of workshops and an exhibition at the Central Saint Martins Museum & Study Collection.

This initiative serves as an educational and community resource for underserved neurodiverse groups outside of the traditional educational system. Exhibited in the CSM Museum Window Gallery across three months, the Interwoven display showcases workshop outcomes and a carefully curated selection of objects from the museum archive, all crafted by neurodiverse artists.

The exhibition, titled 'Interwoven,' is designed around a series of themes: 'Community Hands,' 'Craft Maker,' and 'Sensory Systems.' These themes are woven throughout the entire exhibition, spanning workshops, sculptural objects, the act of making, and the art of crafting. The visual identity of the exhibition is deeply embedded with aspects of neurodivergent thinking. Funded by the CSM Creativity in Action Fund.

︎︎︎ Exhibition Team

Christopher Kelly, Artist and Curator.
Amy Beth Addison, Co-Curator.
Rufus Seagrim, Artist and Assistant Curator, Central Saint Martins (Alumni).
Beatrice Sangster, Designer and Art Director, Central Saint Martins (Alumni).

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Graphic Designer
Visual Identity