Neurodiversity in Albertopolis: Exhibition Road

Neurodiversity in Albertopolis represents a collective effort, uniting researchers, scientists, and artists to explore the diverse intersections of science, technology, arts, engineering, and health, all within the realms of neurodiversity, inclusion, creative accessibility, and disability rights.

Neurodiversity in Albertopolis is a network of neurodiverse staff and students from different schools and museums around Exhibition Road. The network offers support and works toward an inclusive environment for neurodiverse people across local organisations.

Establishing a consistent and versatile visual identity across diverse institutions, respectively, ensuring a unified and cohesive brand for the network while preserving heritage elements from each institution.

Imperial College: The Invention Rooms

A logo and typeface designed for Neurodiversity in Albertopolis, initiated at Imperial College London, drawing inspiration from the fields of innovation, engineering, science, and technology. The creative components are crafted to evoke a sense of scientific innovation, reflecting the visual aesthetics found in laboratory equipment, the intricate visual language of electrical fields, and the interconnectedness inherent in neural networks.

︎︎︎ Curation Team

Sara Rankin, Professor of Leukocyte and Stem Cell Biology at the National Heart and Lung Institute.
Qona Rankin, Dyslexia Coordinator at the Royal College of Art.
Beatrice Sangster, Designer and Art Director, Royal College of Art (Alumni).
Joy Lu, Designer, Maker, and Researcher, Royal College of Art (Alumni).


Lead Designer
Visual Identity