School of Cardiovascular Medicine & Sciences at Kings College London x RCA 

Conversational Practice is a knowledge exchange project between staff and students on the Visual Communication programme at the Royal College of Art and PhD researchers at the School of Cardiovascular Medicine & Sciences at Kings College London. The project aims to explore multi-directional exchanges in science public engagement.

Creating glyph representations for medical language associated with cardiovascular terminology in the field of healthcare communication. These glyphs serve as visual aids that can simplify the understanding of complex cardiovascular concepts and conditions. By converting intricate medical terminology into easily recognisable symbols, we enhance the accessibility of vital information for both healthcare professionals and patients, ultimately contributing to improved health literacy and better patient care.

This serves as an initial design blueprint with the potential to transform into a community engagement initiative through collaborative workshops involving participants from the local community. The workshops will focus on the design and illustration of heart shapes, as well as the exploration of appropriate mediums for these symbols.

︎︎︎ Project Leads

Dr Aleksandar Ivetic, School Lead for PGR & Reader in Cardiovascular Biology.
Sarah Double, Ops Officer, School of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine & Sciences.
Barbara Mueller, Research Assistant and Project Tutor, RCA.
Tracey Waller, Head of Programme, Visual Communication, RCA.


Graphic Designer