︎︎︎ Central Saint Martins Museum: Interwoven 

Interwoven: 'Neurodiversity and the Creative Mind' is an exhibition that artfully merges the intricate facets of neurodiversity with the craftsmanship of artistry. The community is encouraged to explore the deep-rooted links between neurodiverse individuals and their innovative creative methods through a series of workshops and an exhibition at the Central Saint Martins Museum & Study Collection.

︎︎︎ ‘How Do You Design Inclusively?’

‘How Do You Design Inclusively?’ a participant in shaping the identities for RCA 2023 Degree Show Exhibition led by Sebastian Koseda identity, which is founded on a culturally responsive framework with student participation at its core. Following a call for students to submit the profound questions they ask at the RCA, questions that have informed specific research or artwork.

︎︎︎ Royal College of Art Degree Show 2023 

Neurodiversity Celebration Week is a week-long programme and exhibition of collaborative projects led by the RCA Neurodiversity Society in partnership with SpLD support (Student Support Services) across the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London in support of Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2023.